PLAY in the Golf World Cup 2016

Last year we had so much fun, so we are bringing it back —- 

Fairfield World Cup 2016
Sunday 2nd October

Open to everyone with an AGU handicap 

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Rain Day 24/08/2016

Light Showers and Grey Skies, The Wednesday Competition has been Cancelled for due to lack of Players.

Click for a Quick Video of the view from the office .. We are loving the look of the Hedge and Path .. #improvements We are always trying to improve the facilities and would appreciate your help as well –Learn the Etiquettes of Golf – Example :-

Please clean up after yourself and your mates , repair divots – Tell your mates to repair their Divots, Know that YOU are responsible for any damage caused to the course or Golf Cart if you Hire or bring one.

Dress the part – No singles, sandals or thongs ( have some fun wear colourful Pants & Shirts like the pros)

NO SLOW PLAY ! if you are going to play slow let people pass you !

NO Negativity – Enjoy yourself , relax, enjoy the enviroment , stop whinging… it’s not going to be a TOP Class golf course – you are paying the lowest green fees in Sydney – We do everything we can afford to do AND MORE to give you a beautiful course but we need the respect in return , so please if you see someone doing the wrong thing – tell on them or tell them yourself !



Dear Members

A New Year has started and you have a New Committee.

President :-  Marcos Espasandin

Vice President :- Chris Hollis

Captain :- Al Picard

Secretary :- Roger Kelly

Treasurer :- Roger Kelly & Neil Porter

Handicapper :- David Ball

Asst Handicapper :- Courtney Banister

Publicity Officer :- Spike Davis

Procurement Officer :- John Herring

Match Committee :- Donny Hadfield

Match Committee :- Godfrey Fuchs

Match Committee :- Terry Sherman

The committee meet every month, on the first Wednesday after the monthly medal, If you have any questions, or anything you would like to address them about –  write a letter to be received at the meeting, name,contact number etc to be displayed on the letter for replies .


Cancelled Memberships

All Members who did not renew their membership by the 31/7/2016 have now been cancelled .

If you would like to make changes and rejoin please let us know ASAP 9604 4007

Regards Shop Management